What Is Unregistered Rent Agreement

. that by the notice of unregistsed rental (paper No. 103 GA) of 5.10.1977 Hata No. 565 was given to the defendant in exchange for rent in the amount of Rs. 160 / – per month, in which in condition No. 5 . possession to the applicant.5. The Lower Court of Appeal held that, according to the registered agreement of September 21, 1977 filed by the applicant and according to the unregited rental notice, dated. Janib Purab (east) 17 feet, Janib Pashchim (west) 17 feet, Janib Uttar (north) 8 inches and Janib Dakshin (south) 8 inches, on a monthly rent of Rs. 50 / – to the defendant with permission to increase one.

Opinion: If you wish to evict the tenant, first give legal advice after the rental period by a lawyer and give him a month to leave the premises and hand over peaceful physical possession, if the person is not willing to leave the premises after receiving the notification, you can file a civil action/eviction application under the Rent Control Act before the Civil Court or the Controller of the Rents. of the contract and the rental deeds is not yet registered at the end of the contract or if we issue an early posting, you will have the ownership documents on your behalf. The owner can challenge them, in which case a process takes place. The check issued by the tenant is sufficient to prove that he must be accepted as a tenant without transfer of ownership. Alternatively, you can cancel the previous agreement and execute a new agreement with it, but this can only be done when it is ready. . Ram that they came into possession of the land at issue under the above-mentioned lease agreement and have continued to own it ever since. In addition, it was alleged that the rent had to be paid. Brother Kanshi Ram as his salary was credited to the rent for 15 years, a sum of Rs. 2007/- was paid by him in cash and 2 years after the execution of the lease 54 Tolas Gold and a sum of Rs. 350. Will the Court of Justice accept the lease 100%? The obligation to rent can be confiscated and a high penalty of up to 10 times the unpaid deficient stamp duty can be levied by the stamp collector.