Stamp Duty On Power Purchase Agreement In Maharashtra

Such instruments are not admitted in any way as evidence. These instruments are also treated as mislabeled. These instruments can be seized and sent to the stamp collector to collect the correct stamp duty. Q35. Can stamp duty be refunded if the stamp paper is not worn or mutilated? No. 5 / Stamp duty 06 / Letter. 58/06/1224 Inspector General at Registration – Stamp Maharashtra State, Pune Office, Pune. Date: 10/08/2006 To, The Superintendent of Stamps, Mumbai. Under: stamp duty levy on agreement reductions concluded before 12.10.1985, reference: letter no BOM/5064/06 of 03/08/2006, we explain: With respect to contracts entered into prior to 12.10.1985, stamp duty applied under section 5, point h), the Bombay Stamp Duty Act of 1958 and not under section 25 of the Act.

This is according to the verdict of Honorable Mumbai High Court in the case of Padma Nair V/S Dy. Collector, Stamps – Adjudication and others. Where public law agreements executed prior to 12.10.1985 are submitted in accordance with Article 31, the stamp collector cannot comment on such agreements under Article 32 C (A) and B). Instead of placing an order, you can, in accordance with Article 33 or Amnesty Scheme, send a letter to the following format to the persons concerned who submitted these documents. “Your sales contract will be executed before 12.10.1985. At the time of your transaction, the sales contract was not treated as partial transportation and the stamp duty collection provision was not applicable on that date. As such, the agreement is considered duly marked in accordance with Article 5, point h). It should be noted, however, that if you continue to get help, you would be required to pay full stamp duty on the current market value of your property, as required by the rules. Inspector General for Registration and Stamp Controller Maharashtra State, Pune Under Section 34 of the Maharashtra Stamp Act, amended in 2017, stamp duty on the giftbed floor is 3% of the value of the property. However, if the property in question is a residential or agricultural property that is given (without payment) to family members, the stamp duty is Rs 200.

While the Maharashtra Stamp Act allows a district collector to request documents within 10 years of the date of registration of these documents in order to verify that the corresponding tax has been paid on the deed, the Bombay Supreme Court has ruled that stamp duty cannot be collected at the time of subsequent sale for previous documents that are insufficiently stamped.