Service Level Agreement Kpmg

(i) In addition to the terms of this contract for the provision of shared services, Consulting agrees that shared services provided by KPMG through third parties are subject to the terms of all agreements between KPMG and these third parties. 3.01 Annual meeting. (a) no later than 90 days before the end of the contracting party`s fiscal year, which ends on June 30, or by any other means agreed by the parties, the parties meet (at the annual meeting) and: (i) determine the level of service of each basic service to be delivered for the following fiscal year; and (ii) the method of allocating costs and costs for each basic service for the next fiscal year. In the case of additional services, estimates between companies are drawn up and executed no later than 90 days before the end of the parties` fiscal year. With respect to all additional services used by Consulting, Consulting is required to pay KPMG the termination fee for the processing of the provision of these additional services, as long as KPMG Consulting has engaged these services. 4.01 Confidentiality. (a) in the provision or receipt of shared services, each party may, as part of this article, disclose or make available to other parties information that is not public or make it available to other parties (hereafter referred to). , confidential or proprietary. This information may include, but is not limited to, staff data, business plans and strategies, as well as marketing ideas and concepts, including unexpected products and services, current and future product plans, prices, volume estimates, financial data, product improvement information, distribution strategies , customer information (including applications and customer environments), market testing information, development plans, specifications, customer requirements, configurations, plans, plans, devices, software. , hardware, data, prototypes or other technical and commercial information, and (ii) the specific conditions and information contained in this agreement and the timetables (together the information) included in this agreement. The dependence of stakeholders requires active management: from defining the quality of service to measuring delivery. c) The method of allocating costs for each basic service, as defined in Schedule A, can only be modified on the basis of the parties` mutual written consent. Our service makes it easy to choose the most suitable software, hardware and partners.

We offer independent multidisciplinary advice throughout the contracting cycle, including: 9.15 Comprehensive Agreement.