Sdea Tentative Agreement

Lisa Steinberg (member/secretary): Morgan Thornberry (Field Organizer): Q. What if SDEA and SDUSD have an agreement to pay visiting teachers during the closure and a visiting teacher has received unemployment benefits? Working with an already unionized employer is more than unionizing a company for the first time and trying to reach an agreement for the first time. Rafal Dobrowolski (contract specialist): The parties have agreed on the participation of Phase 1 visitors, which provides additional employment opportunities for VTs. Often it takes months, and sometimes even years, to reach an agreement – if the parties reach an agreement. While we recognize that we are still in crisis, our SDEA negotiating team has worked to reach an agreement that allows for continued flexibility while providing our students with a more robust educational program. We also ensured that there was a process to monitor and evaluate the implementation of e-learning in the fall, because we all know that there will be challenges that are both known and unknown. Your SDEA negotiating team met with the district on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. We have agreements on: Nanette Najera (Construction/Office Specialist): This agreement requires strict safety standards and allows the appointment of basic support for TK-5 students in accordance with all the conditions of our online Learning MOU of July 30, including the prohibition of requiring members to work on site, which means that educators can provide these appointments on a voluntary basis. The borough has made minor changes to its reopening plan, reflecting elements of the review protocol and the recent agreement to extend the first phase to secondary school.

The borough has also submitted a first proposal (linked above) for future phases. FACT: SDEA negotiated our restoration of furlough Days (a pay cut) and our increases. We will need everything that the borough has promised us in good faith for the next contract extension in 2013, in order to avoid reducing our benefits. With the current interim agreement, we are giving up everything but our benefits.