Collective Agreement Between The Treasury Board And The Public Service Alliance Of Canada

PSAC and the Treasury Board today signed new collective agreements for the Program and Administrative (PA) and Technical Services (TC) groups, which were ratified by members on September 29. The two collective agreements represent more than 80,000 employees of the federal public service. PSAC and The Treasury Board also signed the Phoenix damages agreement reached this summer. Like the Phoenix compensation agreement, jointly developed by the federal government and other negotiators in 2019, the agreement includes measures to help those who have had unreought financial costs and capital income and who have experienced personal and financial difficulties. The agreement also includes general compensation for current and former PSAC employees. 27.03 Subject to the professional requirements of the service, the employer makes every reasonable effort: this collective agreement is signed during the COVID 19 pandemic. In light of the exceptional circumstances and social constraints imposed by the health authorities, the parties agreed to sign this collective agreement electronically. 5.01 In the event that a law passed by Parliament applicable to workers annuls any provision of this agreement, the other provisions remain in force for the duration of the contract. Subject to and in accordance with Section 215 FPSLRA, the alliance may, on behalf of the workers in the bargaining unit, present the employer with a group complaint that feels saddened by the interpretation or usual application of these workers, a provision of a collective agreement or an arbitration bonus.

28.03 Payments made under the provisions of the collective agreement and clause 28.01 mentioned above cannot be implemented, i.e. a worker does not receive more than one benefit for the same benefit. Transition Support Measure – is one of three options available to an opting worker for whom the President cannot guarantee an appropriate job offer. The transitional support measure is a payment based on the years of service of the Agency`s opting staff pursuant to Schedule A. Years of service are the years of service accumulated in the public service immediately prior to the appointment to the Agency, plus years of service to the Agency. 52.01 The employer provides thirty-seven decimal hours of five (37.5) hours of paid leave per year, up to a maximum of one hundred and seven decimals five (187.5) hours, to workers who have the combination of age and years of service to receive an immediate pension without penalty under the Community Supernuanation Act. Notwithstanding the provisions of Item 63.03 on the calculation of retroactive payments and clause 65.02 on the period of implementation of collective agreements, this memorandum aims to reach the agreement reached between the employer and the Canadian Public Service Alliance on a modified approach to calculating and managing retroactive payments for the current round of negotiations. 1.01 The aim of this agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relations between the employer, the Union and the workers, by establishing certain conditions of employment which have been agreed by collective bargaining. A shift worker receives between 4 p.m. .m a.m. and 8 a.m.

.m a premium of $20 to 25 cents per hour for all hours worked, including overtime. The shift work bonus is not paid for hours of work between 8 hours .m and 16 hours .m 41.05 all periods of leave without pay for taking long-term care of a parent or leave without pay for child care and custody Provisions of previous agreements for the provision of administrative programs and services or other agreements are not applicable to the calculation of duration maximum for family care for the full duration of employment in the public service.