Agreement Sentence Frames

Good luck with using the NLP framework! Let me know in the comments how you apply this principle to give more respect to other people or better communicate. The basic idea of the treaty framework is to say “yes, and” instead of “yes, but.” Saying yes is to follow (pacing). You paraphrase or repeat what your interlocutor says. To say “and” is to lead. Then you lead with your ideas and encouragement. As a result, the Milton model still uses “and” instead of “but.” What is the framework of the NLP agreement? How exactly can you use it? In this article, you will find the exact words to use and avoid the exact words. Read with you and learn how the treaty framework works… Often, it is best to avoid the word “understand.” As every human being has a different pattern in the world, it is very likely that they do not understand the other person. Being with each other or enjoying each other is quite possible! And even Benjamin Franklin liked the framework of the treaty: what is the contractual framework and when would you use it? I love the framework of the NLP agreement.

This technique is an example of “tempo and driving” and consists simply of a series of sentences you say and a series of sentences that you avoid. The author`s assertion that Z is interesting because… There are a number of words you want to have in your vocabulary. Would you like to express the principle of tempo and leadership in your language? Then use words like: . I agree that Y, but we also have to take into account the fact that… There are many popular strategies for this type of conversation, each with unique rules and applications. These include socratic conferences, accounting conferences, debates and literary circles. Whatever strategy you use, students need help.

26 tribes for higher-level conversations in the classroom And everyone can benefit from scaffolding so that students have different levels of support — perhaps unique levels of tabs with easier-to-use or more natural sleeves — to succeed at a certain level. . It looks like a “loon” in which you create momentum, and then you present your idea or proposal to follow this dynamic. Despite the disagreements about Y, I agree with Z that… “Outside, it`s horrible! Very windy!` “I understand what you`re saying, but at least it`s not snowing!” It is sometimes argued that these kinds of conversations favour students who express themselves verbally with confidence, and that is difficult to argue. But remember that academic writing favors gifted writers, traditional tests prefer those who are comfortable with proof of what they know, learning through technology favors students with a more diverse history of using technology, and so on.